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We Simplify The Process Of Fleet Maintenance

 The name says it all at Equipped For Service, which provides mobile fleet maintenance for companies and municipalities across the region.


We can simplify the process of keeping your vehicles performing at their best and also specialize in custom fitting special equipment or other items on everything from fire trucks to police cruisers. 

We take pride in delivering quality services and affordable pricing to all of our customers…many who are represent the first responders in their respective communities. 

Please take time to browse the pages of this website to find out more about our capabilities or call 706-866-2076 to request an estimate. 


Mobile Repairs


Fleet Maintenance


Custom Fitting



We Can Simplify The Process Of Maintaining Your Fleet

From maintenance to emergency repairs....we can handle it as part of a regular schedule that can be tailored to your needs. 

Commercial Enterprises

We have long-standing relationships with prominent names like CINTAS and others who turn to us for many of their vehicle needs. 


We have cost-effective plans that will keep you within your budget. 

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