“One to One” is coaching designed for individuals, life on life.  Think of the teachers, coaches and friends who have invested in your life one to one and the impact their contribution has made upon you.  We grow as individuals when we ask others for feedback and help.  I offer individual coaching on…

  • Stress Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Career Transitions
  • Time Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Work & Family Balance
  • Preaching Preparation & Delivery
  • Interpersonal Communication

One to one coaching is always tailored to one’s individual needs but can include:

  • Personality Assessment (Myers and Briggs, Clifton StrengthsFinder)
  • Ministry Leadership Capacity Assessment
  • Guided Listening Exercises
  • Reader Response Journaling
  • Prayer and Scripture Reading

You can contact me below with questions about how we might work together.  In contacting me, you’ll receive a free electronic copy of “White Knuckles,” which is a chapter on experiencing God’s transforming work from my book titled “Following Jesus.”